Creating inclusive and cooperative workplaces.
Bringing out out the best in today’s company.

About 2Sisters Consulting

2Sisters Consulting is a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) in Toronto that offers management consulting, organizational development and leadership coaching with a specialization in diversity.

Using positive coaching techniques to inspire creativity, foster trust and establish rapport, 2Sisters Consulting’s approach enables deeper self-awareness and profound learning that supports the creation of inclusive and cooperative workplaces that benefit both the company and its employees.

Organizations that work with 2Sisters Consulting:

› Enjoy an empowered workforce that brings 100% of themselves to the table
› Sustain better team dynamics and higher overall performance
› Generate greater profit margins
› Experience higher creativity, innovation and morale
› Maintain greater loyalty and experience less turnover
› Engender more respect, trust, appreciation and tolerance within their workforce than other organizations

I found Shieh-Chi to be a wonderful coach and facilitator. She was prepared, focused and very reassuring. She employed a variety of tools and techniques to bring relevance to our discussions and ultimately, my goals. I got value out of our sessions because Shieh-Chi is skilled at asking probing questions and helping her clients to find personal, meaningful answers.
This has been a positive life changing experience for me. It’s exciting to work with someone who ‘totally gets me.’ Shieh-Chi created a safe, comfortable, neutral and non-threatening environment for us to work in. This allowed me to work openly, intensely and successfully. These sessions were challenging and broadening to my thoughts, my values and vantage points. The overall result is a strong sense of accomplishment and a stronger sense of self-awareness in a short period of time. I would strongly recommend this process to anyone who would like to see possibilities, opportunities and solutions!

Shieh-Chi ChenShieh-Chi Chen

As a Chinese woman who grew up in India and lived in the U.S. and Canada, I know first-hand the challenges that people in a minority face. I’ve fumbled my way through situations feeling awkward and misunderstood. I’ve seen what happens when talented people choose to blend in because of their cultural differences: vibrancy is extinguished by conformity.

I coach high-potential senior executives to create inclusive environments and deliver programs that educate organizations on discrimination and its consequences. In combination, the diversity programs and executive coaching I offer empower people not to hide, but rather to bring 100% of themselves to the table.

The strength and support I receive from my family – especially my sister – inspired me to name my company 2Sisters Consulting. As I lean on my sister I am constantly reminded about my commitment to build community where I live and work.

Over the past 15+ years I have worked for Fortune 500 companies such as CIBC, Intact and The MONY Group; organizations that understand that diversity & inclusion are good for the bottom line as well as the right thing to do. I am a certified executive coach, the owner of a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and an experienced conference speaker.