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Taking Action to Change

At 2Sisters Consulting, we believe that coaching is an interactive process that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives and careers. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning and improve their performance.  We work with leaders who are interested in creating a deeper understanding of diversity in a personal one-on-one environment.  We will challenge personal assumptions and guide the discussion so that you gain an understanding of stereotypes, prejudice and how these concepts show up in our lives and in the workplace.

Our leadership coaching practice centers on the development of emotional intelligence through inward and outward reflection. During the sessions the client will be asked powerful questions which will allow them to dig deep and reflect on issues and concepts that matter to their personal development.

The coaching framework provides structure and direction for understanding and addressing self in relation to the different topics in cross cultural sensitivity.

what do you want? What choices do you need to make? What steps do you need to take to make it happen? Results and Review

With diversity coaching, the client will explore their ideas and beliefs about themselves, the people around them and their relationships. The client will look inward and develop self-awareness and heightened empathy that will improve their ability to create bonds and express their thoughts and intentions. The client will have a clear vision and purpose that will inform their decisions, guide their actions and influence people. Diversity coaching will empower the client to be more effective internationally and help the client avoid missteps in cross-cultural situations.

Throughout the relationship, the coach will provide honest feedback, issue gentle challenges and provide support and encouragement.

Common Coaching Topics 

› Coaching purpose and personal vision
› Motivation and personal culture
› Generalization and stereotyping
› Country specific practices
› 3 Levels of Listening
› Goal oriented reading and assignments to enhance learning and fast track results