Sensitivity. Fairness. Engagement.
Diversity that benefits all

Do your employees feel…

  • › Frustrated about being ignored or overlooked for a promotion?
  • › Insecure because they aren’t getting enough feedback?
  • › Worried that they’re being discriminated against or harassed?

Do your leaders and managers…

  • › Aspire to shape their staff into a collaborative team of high-performers?
  • › Avoid providing constructive criticism for fear of offending a person in a minority group?
  • › Unknowingly neglect or offend staff members?

We can help.

2Sisters Consulting offers a diversity training program designed to cultivate collaborative and appreciative environments. Using positive coaching techniques to leverage the creativity, wisdom and experience of the group, 2Sisters Consulting’s approach results in deeper self-awareness and profound learning for its participants.

The program consists of interactive workshops, starting with a foundational program, Diversity & Inclusion, that creates the understanding for stereotypes and biases in the workplace. Each workshop will follow a systematic process for comprehensive learning, using a combination of open discussions and activities.  Participants will experience self-discovery, situational understanding and perception shifts that lead to an inclusive mindset.


For more information, download our Diversity Training Program information sheet.