Custom training programs can be designed to addresses the unique issues facing your organization. Please contact Shieh-Chi Chen to discuss a custom training program for your organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

This full-day foundational workshop helps participants recognize unconscious stereotypes and biases, understand differences, share personal experiences and unearth strategies that promote an appreciative and supportive workplace.

Rights & Respect

This half-day workshop focuses on educating participants about harassment and discrimination through exploring real-life scenarios and legal consequences. Leaders will also explore ways to set a standard for respect in the workplace.

Ages & Stages

For the first time in history, we are seeing 4 generations of people working side-by-side. With multiple generation gaps present in the workforce, managers are finding it difficult to cultivate synergy among their teams. This half-day workshop helps managers understand the strengths, weaknesses and expectations for each generation so that they can more effectively influence, motivate and manage their teams.

Relate & Communicate

This half-day workshop analyzes how culture influences communication and explores different rules of engagement. By examining how various cultures perceive the world, managers who complete this workshop are more attuned and communicate more effectively within a multicultural and diverse workplace.

Lead & Succeed

This half-day workshop examines how biases can influence all aspects of the employee life cycle including recruitment, on boarding, professional development and separation. Leaders will be more aware of their personal biases and leave with strategies for managing without bias.